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Though gaming is seen as an acceptable past-time for others, unfortunately the stigma surrounding mental illness makes people assume that anyone struggling with a diagnosis such as depression is just being lazy when they play video games. Video games have become a large part of society today. The fact that someone is able to play, or even excel, at a game is seen as some sort of undeniable proof that a person is just "faking" or "exaggerating" their illness and that they would be fully capable of working and functioning to their full potential if they just "applied themselves".

Nothing could be further from the truth. Playing video games as a tool for coping does not make a person lazy. While once considered a past-time for nerds, in recent years they have become mainstream, incorporating popular culture, movies, tv shows and sports in a way that appeals to the masses. Gaming, however, can make some of the symptoms of mental illness more bearable and dam pracę w warszawie can be a healthy addition to our lives. Video games can be very beneficial to someone struggling with mental illness.

The repetition of many games can be soothing, helping to lower and lessen anxiety. The focus needed to complete tasks in games can provide a much-needed distraction from aggressively looping negative thoughts. I personally have taken classes for meditation, yoga and tai chi. Excelling at a game does not automatically mean a person would be able to excel at all other aspects of their lives equally. While focused breathing might calm me long enough to stave off the panic attack for the moment, I often need to find some seemingly mindless task to distract my mind until the dust fully settles.

When my mind is in an over-active loop, I usually need some type of busy work to pull my attention away before I can even begin to consider calming techniques. Playing a game does not negate or minimize a diagnosis. There are days we lay there for hours having to pee, darmowe ogłoszenia psy ogłoszenia aleksandrów kujawski not out of laziness but because, mentally and emotionally, the world feels so overwhelming, so unbearable, that we cannot bring ourselves to face it. From computers to consoles to games and apps on phones and tablets, video games are now seen as a widely accepted way for people to relax, unwind and pass the time.

Many people who struggle with mental illness have come to fully embrace the world of video games. It is not that we don’t want to get out there, exercise and be healthier. While they are beneficial in their own way during times when I am already relatively calm, none have managed to silence the inner turmoil when my brain is already caught in the throes of an anxiety attack. Video games give us a way to virtually "get out there" on our terms and at our own pace even when we do not feel capable of physically facing the world.

Video games also give us a temporary escape from a world in which we feel broken. Instead of being that "crazy, unbalanced person" who "is lazy" and "can’t seem to pull their life together", we can for a few moments in time be something more: a brave knight, a fierce jedi, a wise wizard, discuss a pro athlete or an ingenious arch-villain.

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